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Welcome to Our Website

We will like to welcome everyone to the website by stating upfront our commitment to the unit of what our ministry must produce. Every industry has a unit of what it produces.

What is the unit that we want to produce? 

We want to produce men and women who are hungry and thirsty for God. We want to produce individuals whose desire for God intensifies with time and who as a result of their hunger for God, seek God in a disciplined manner. Such will learn to find God through encounters with God and as a result of frequent encounters with God will Know God from their personal experiences. And because of their knowledge of God, they will love Him in an intelligent and continuous manner. They will thus serve God as the overflow of their knowledge and love for Him and while serving God, will enjoy Him in a personal romance so that it becomes their singular soul bliss. That is the unit of our ministry. We produce worshippers who enjoy Jesus as their soul bliss through the process of a developed personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Welcome to the Zach Fomum Ministry!

Your beloved brother, Theodore ANDOSEH

God loves You

Dear friend, Do you know that God loves you in a personal way? Read More...

God Sex and You

My dear friend, Do you know that you were specially created by God?Read More...

Trop Tard

J’entrai dans une chambre individuelle du centre hospitalier universitaire. En savoir plus...

Le Chemin du Salut

Cher Ami ! Chère Amie ! As-tu éprouvé le salut de Dieu d’une manière personnelle ? En savoir plus...


Mon cher, es-tu en train de tolérer un péché quelconque dans ta vie ? Si tel est le cas, la Bible dit que tu n’hériteras pas le royaume de Dieu. Le Seigneur Jésus dit: En savoir plus...


Mon cher, es-tu en train de tolérer un péché quelconque dans ta vie ? Si tel est le cas, la Bible dit que tu n’hériteras pas le royaume de Dieu. Le Seigneur Jésus dit: En savoir plus...

Centre de Prière 

Cher(e) ami(e), nous aimerions prier pour vous sur tout sujet qui vous trouble. En savoir plus...

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  • The Leader and the overall goal

    Exodus 17: 8-16

    Moses gave a command to Joshua to gather some men and go and fight the Amelikites. It is a very heavy and difficult command because Moses was basically asking Joshua and the other men to put their lives on the line. He must have been absolutely sure that God was leading him and the people to fight the Amelikites and more so that victory was sure. As the Leader, Moses needed to have heart from God, otherwise he was putting Joshua and the other men`s lives at the great peril.  As a leader he was 100% sure of the leadership of God in this matter. A leader knows God`s mind and leads the people accordingly.  Moses did not call a council meeting to figure out what God`s will was. He knew God`s will and led Joshua and the other to it. A leader who does not know God`s mind is a dangerous man. Moses knew God`s mind and was confident in the command he gave. It will have been outrageous for him to say: “ I think that Joshua and the other men should go and fight the Amelikites and hopefully it is God`s will”.  

  • Some Announcements

    Evangelistic Program for the month The goal for this month is to win 3 souls to Christ. Please take part on the evangelistic outings  taking place every Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 1:00 PM. 
    Fasting and Prayer for revival is ongoing
    Would you like to see a revival in your life? Would you like to see revival take place in other countries? Join us in fasting 1, 3, 7, 10,... days and crying out to the Lord for a revival in our ministry.

  • Personal Spiritual Revival
    Many believers have backslidden. Some have turned away completely while others have turned away only in small degrees. Mny will honestly say, "I have lost that love which I first had for the Lord." Many are prepared to say that, but they are not willing to take radical steps to put things right. They see the need to repent; they desire to repent, but they do not repent, for they do not pay the price of repentance. We believe, however, that there are some who truly hunger for the Lord and desperately want to come out of their backsliding and walk in close proximity with Him. It is for such people this book has been written. May the Lord cause this book to fall into the hands of those who need it and that He should revive such ones and bring them into His glory.

Thought of the week

A life without purpose Is a life without meaning? “When there is no revelation, People cast off restraint”
Proverbs 29:18

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La communauté missionnaire chrétienne internationale est un mouvement engagé à gagner des âmes, à faire des disciples et à implanter des églises dans chaque localité et chaque nation dans le monde. C’est un mouvement  engagé à susciter, former et envoyer des missionnaires dans toutes les nations pour le salut des peuples de ces nations. La communauté missionnaire chrétienne internationale a été appelée d’apporte sa contribution au réveil mondial promis par Dieu par les enseignements des saints réveillés .

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